Tata Nexon EV; Detail Review

Tata Nexon EV

This is the Nexon EV, Tata's first electric SUV for the masses. It essentially debuts the new styling that the petrol/diesel Nexon facelift will carry. Tata claims the Nexon EV mileage has 312 km/full charge. The Tata Nexon EV is also the safest made-in-India electric SUV with a five-star safety rating at Globel NCAP crash tests. So, let's take a look at it and find out if the Nexon EV is worth considering.


The boxy fascia now looks muscular and aggressive. Based on the IMPACT 2.0 design philosophy, the Nexon EV features an upright stance that includes new sweptback projector headlamps with twin-LED DRLs, a revised grille that is much flatter, and a large air-dam with a tri-arrow signature. What sets the Nexon EV apart is the blue chrome highlights on the bumpers, the rising beltline, and the EV badges. What's more, it also gets a set of neat-looking 16-inch machined alloys and new LED inserts in the taillights and gets massive 350-litre boot space. Overall, the Nexon EV comes across as a hip SUV in the compact SUV segment with an identity of its own.


The interiors of the Nexon EV are largely similar to the IC version but get some EV-specific updates. So, the dual-tone grey and white cabin continues to be ergonomically designed and features chrome blue accents at various places. it gets flat-bottom steering wheel. This top-spec XZ+ trim comes with a seven-inch digital instrument cluster, which displays the charge level, remaining driving range, battery consumption, turn-by-turn navigation, and more, And a seven-inch touchscreen infotainment system and an eight-speaker Harman music system which is the mother company of JBL that sounds great. It also gets rear AC vents and a 12V power socket, which enhances the rear-seat experience. Then, it also gets features such as a climate control system, push-button start/stop, keyless entry, and a cooled glovebox. It also comes with connected car tech via the ZConnect app suite with 35 connectivity features. So, it allows the user to set a Geofence, remotely switch on/off the AC, and send SOS alerts and more. And being an EV, you can also remotely monitor the current charge levels and the available range, check the charging history, and find the nearest charging stations among others.

The front seats, with a height-adjustable driver seat, continue to offer good lateral and under-thigh support. That said, it would've been a boon had they provided lumbar support for additional comfort. What's also good is that it is easy to get in and out of the SUV. The rear seats are quite accommodating and the wide cabin allows three average-sized adults to sit in comfort, with the large seat base offering good support to your thighs.

Electric Motor

If you aren't familiar with an electric vehicle, you'll be astounded by how silent an EV can be, and the Nexon EV is no different. The electric motor is rated at 127bhp/245Nm of torque and comes paired to a single-speed automatic transmission. It gets two modes - Drive and Sport. Slotting into the S mode, the Nexon EV will leave you startled with the way it sets off the mark, thanks to a relentless surge of torque right from the word ‘go’. The throttle response is extremely quick here, and you are pushed back into the seats with force. Tata Motors' claim of a 0-100kmph sprint in 9.9 seconds is believable as the Nexon EV lurches ahead with gusto.

Ride Quality:

In D mode, the throttle response is subdued but it doesn't feel dull. In fact, it is more than sufficient to putter-around in town or cruise on the highways. It is easy to keep up with the traffic or overtake and is ideal to extract more range from the car. Tata Motors claims that the overall range takes a hit by 20-25 per cent when driven in S mode. It should be noted that Tata Motors has electronically limited the top-speed to 120kmph in both modes. It comes with brake-energy regeneration, which is set at medium, and kicks-in the moment you lift your foot off the throttle. On the Nexon EV, it isn't intrusive but it takes a bit getting used to. You need to anticipate the vehicular traffic and the stoplights, and if done properly, the re-gen also helps in extending the range by a few kilometres.

In terms of handling, the steering is quick with less than three turns lock-to-lock, and the SUV feels nimble on its feet’s when you dial the inputs. The steering is light at low speeds and weighs up nicely as the speeds increase, which inspires confidence to take long corners. However, if you floor the throttle on switchbacks, it tends to understeer as all the torque is instantly fed to the front wheels. As for the ride, the Nexon EV's suspension has a well-rounded edge to it. Because of the added mass of around 100kg (1400kg curb), the springs have been stiffened. So, the low-speed ride feels a bit firm, but as you build pace, the suspension flattens out most road undulations and section joints. You'll barely notice any pitching or wallowing, and the body-roll is well contained too.

Price: ₹ 13.99 Lakh onwards

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